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Selling Ragnarok PH Zenny /ExCash (Loki)

Discussion in 'Ragnarok PH' started by BlackList, Jul 23, 2017.

  1. BlackList

    BlackList Administrator Staff Member

    PM Me(BlackList) if you are going to avail so we can talk and discuss and let me prepare your zeny. ;)
    Or Send Your payment via SmartPadala Only.

    Zeny Rates:
    Php 400 = 1 million zeny
    Php 2000 = 6 million zeny
    Php 4000= 13 million zeny

    ExCash Rates:
    500 ExCash = 500php
    1000 ExCash = 950php

    For Smartmoney.
    Smartmoney/Smart Padala:

    1. Go to any Smart Padala Center.
    2. Tell the cashier that you will remit money via Smart Padala.
    3. Give My Smart Money account # (5299675250493119) and your cash.
    4. Get the Reference Number of your transaction.
    5. PM or Text Admin about Transaction (You Can Get my number Upon Sending Through Smart Money) .
    6. Wait for us to confirm your subscription.

    Facebook Group:


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  2. BlackCheetah

    BlackCheetah Coder/Developer Staff Member

  3. BlackBeard

    BlackBeard Co-Admin Staff Member

    Naunahan ako haha ako na sana gagawa neto xD

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