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Makes Hack detected to Undetected

Discussion in 'Programming for Beginners' started by KyRieIrVinG02, Apr 20, 2015.

  1. KyRieIrVinG02

    KyRieIrVinG02 Coder [ Level 2 ]

    Basically it just manipulates a few values within the PE structure and also rewrites some data into the .text section.

    Using it is pretty straightforward:

    1. Download the .zip and extract it
    2. Run "Simple PE Cipher.exe"
    3. Press the browse button to locate your Dll
    4. Press "Run Cipher", if all goes as expected you should see a "Cipher Completed Successfully" message box appear.
    5. Inject the .dll. A backup of the original .dll is also created (with a .bak extension) in the same directory as the ciphered dll so you can revert at any time if something goes wrong.
    Written in Win32 C++ for teh lulz.

    If you have any issues with it, please feel free to PM me or post in the thread, I'll do my best to rectify the issues.

    [Virus Scan]

    No idea why this had those two scanners report a backdoor to be honest. Perhaps because I'm using some I/O API, dunno.

    Anyways, enjoy, and report back with results.



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  2. asnar001

    asnar001 Cutiepie ng BLG ♥

    thanks for sharing ,its big help for me
  3. papao00

    papao00 Registered

    where can i find the .dll file?
  4. kashibatsu

    kashibatsu Registered

    Please Post Video Tutorial..!
  5. jobaarron

    jobaarron Registered

    a good share ;)
  6. kashibatsu

    kashibatsu Registered

    Sir.! Please ''POST'' a ''VIDEO-TUTORIAL''

    More PoweR..!!!
  7. roylhine06

    roylhine06 Registered

    thanks for this sure if help other members thanks Nigga !!!
  8. Yipyap111

    Yipyap111 Registered

  9. cabidaako090

    cabidaako090 Registered

    video tutorial pls sir
  10. zaskiebrown

    zaskiebrown Registered

  11. excon

    excon Registered Banned

    Nice..thanks dito
  12. zaskiebrown

    zaskiebrown Registered

  13. zaskiebrown

    zaskiebrown Registered

    Nagana nbato?
  14. zaskiebrown

    zaskiebrown Registered

    Pahinge naman ng link ng bagong cheat sa soldierfront tnx..!
  15. BlackBeard

    BlackBeard Co-Admin Staff Member

  16. charina11

    charina11 Registered

    tnx sa video tut.
  17. KyRieIrVinG02

    KyRieIrVinG02 Coder [ Level 2 ]

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