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Discussion in 'Special Force [CSF]' started by pwn2own, Jul 11, 2015.

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  1. pwn2own

    pwn2own Registered

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  2. AdmiralSensei

    AdmiralSensei Global Market Banned

    Whats this all about?
  3. BlackSheep

    BlackSheep Loyal Servant

    Oo nga ano ba to ? ang pera hacker ano ba yung ibig mong sbihin pls specify clearly po ?
  4. pwn2own

    pwn2own Registered

    Boss, kung gusto mo ang isang tao na dumating dito upang bumili ng hackers, kanselahin ang kanyang proxy awtoridad
  5. hedrickkid

    hedrickkid Registered

    penge cheat
  6. AnonymouZ

    AnonymouZ Registered Banned

    Tanga ina!!! Si blacklist ba gumawa ng site na iyun? Ang pangit po sir!!! Made in china madaling masira yun,its jafake!!!
  7. rushour51

    rushour51 Registered

    wew need pala mag ingat ah
  8. monticer23

    monticer23 Registered

  9. BlackBeard

    BlackBeard Registered

    ~Thread Locked
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