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How To Make A CrossFire Mod With Video Tutorial

Discussion in 'Crossfire' started by excon, Oct 1, 2015.

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  1. excon

    excon Registered Banned

    Adobe Photoshop Only

    1.Download This


    2.find a Picture that is 800x600 or Higher and save it then
    Drag It In to the Photoshop
    and the result is like this

    and fit it and right click then click place

    3.Look At the Lower Right of the Photoshop just drag the layer 0 to the top of the picture like this

    [​IMG] Save As and Save As Type: Targa(.Tga)

    5. make 2 copy of it and Rename it to loginAI and loginbg

    6.Last Paste It To /CrossFire/rez/UI/UI_Login[/align]
  2. jeneses

    jeneses Registered

  3. excon

    excon Registered Banned

    Read the instructon..
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