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How to Avail [ROS] Rules of Survival VIP Hack ?

Discussion in 'Rules of survival' started by BlackCheetah, Feb 12, 2018.

  1. BlackCheetah

    BlackCheetah [BLG]Monitor Staff Member

    padala mo lang dito
    For Smartmoney.
    Smartmoney/Smart Padala:

    For Paymaya :

    For SmartMoney :

    For GCash :

    1. Go to any Smart Padala Center.
    2. Tell the cashier that you will remit money via Smart Padala.
    3. Give My Smart Money account # (5299675250493119) and your cash.
    4. Get the Reference Number of your transaction.
    5. PM or Text Admin about Transaction (You Can Get my number Upon Sending Through Smart Money) Including This Info.

    Your Forum's Username and Email Address

    6. Wait for us to confirm your subscription.
    NOTE :
    Supported OS are Windows 7 , 8 and 10.
    It will take up to 2 business days to activate your VIP Account.
    Fixed Activation Hour is From 7pm-9pm (only takes a few minutes if BlackList is Online and not busy after he receives your message ), And BTW Username and Password must be atleast 5 char long.

    kung alin ang mapupusan mo jan ;) tapos pm mo ref#/proof na ikaw yung nag padala kay blacklist lang okay? :)
  2. pano po pag Gcash
  3. BlackMart

    BlackMart Co-Admin Staff Member

    Meron din po.. BisdakGabriel ikaw ba ay kasama nila chufeym sa bisdak??
  5. pekpekkomabaho

    pekpekkomabaho Registered

  6. pekpekkomabaho

    pekpekkomabaho Registered

    pano po mag download ng cheat sa sf?
  7. dhongskie69

    dhongskie69 Registered

    Avail ka muna,Automatic makita muna yong Download VIP Section nila.
    meron na duon sila tutorial,paano e-download ang vip cheats!
  8. dhongskie69

    dhongskie69 Registered

    @pekpekkomabaho, yup,hindi mo talaga yun makita VIP Section nila...pag di kpa Active VIP Member :) Avail ka na.

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