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Error sa PC 'ko, or sa program?

Discussion in 'Report' started by Kanna, Dec 29, 2016.

  1. Kanna

    Kanna Registered

    Ito po yung error/bug sa akin. Pa-watch na lang po. Dinownload 'ko din naman po ng tama yung 2 Microsoft link. By the way, sa SF VIP po ito. Help po mga Sir. :( :(

  2. pjah23

    pjah23 Registered

    Inaayos pa yan. Btw dont use no recoil pag snipe / sprayer kasi mahahalata nila :)
  3. Kanna

    Kanna Registered

    Ganyan din po ba sa inyo?
  4. pjah23

    pjah23 Registered

  5. BlackSheep

    BlackSheep Loyal Servant Staff Member

    Lahat sir ganyan po but try mo yung tricks na to scope mo iputok mo ng OFF yung NR then wag mo alisin yung scope ON mo yung NR tas iputok mo may nag-suggest kc sakin na ganyang trick baka maging working sayo .
  6. KyRieIrVinG02

    KyRieIrVinG02 Coder [ Level 2 ]

    Still VIP ka po ba ? If u still message me on my profile then i will tell u the tricks
  7. DieHard

    DieHard DieHard

    expire ?

    basic guys ? Install all requirements avoid error etc ?
  8. KyRieIrVinG02

    KyRieIrVinG02 Coder [ Level 2 ]

    Tama yung sinabi ni BlackSheep working yun
  9. beajanee

    beajanee Registered

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