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Discussion in 'Android' started by SkriLlREX, Aug 21, 2016.

  1. SkriLlREX

    SkriLlREX Registered

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  2. clasher123

    clasher123 Registered

  3. GustaMeme

    GustaMeme Registered

    I'm using clashfarmer bot as well. It is now compatible with TH12 update. Guys, I am looking for a good settings of the bot. Right now here's my current set up.
    My trophy range set on 0-5000, I have the bot take 5 or 6 breaks a day, and I can usually get max storages in a day except for Dark Elixir. I set the min loot on 200000 gold and elixir and 0 DE bc that usually comes with it. My troops are 16 giants, 6 wizards, 78 archers, and 78 barbarians.
    Any recommendations?
  4. PeterGulp

    PeterGulp Registered

    Thanks for sharing this COC bot. I am now using it and it works great. I am only TH 10 so I cannot give any suggestion of good set up but in the future maybe. I just starting to get familiar with Clashfarmer bot and this forum thread is helpful for me at the moment

    There are also TH12 guides there, maybe you can check it out Gustameme.
  5. GustaMeme

    GustaMeme Registered

    Yeah, this is the best bot for Clash of Clans ever. In just few days, they released an update compatible with October 2018 update. ClashFarmer version 1.8.19 - RC6 works with Clash of Clans October 2018 Update.
    Btw, for those who are having issue using bluestacks emulator, it can be easily solved by downloading the recommended MEmu. you can check this guide.
  6. Yazuh

    Yazuh VIP

    Provide SS sir.
  7. karl03

    karl03 Registered

    halatang isang tao mga nag comment hahha halata sa mga names hahaha

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