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Auto - No Fall Damage Auto - No Bug Damage Wallhack SeeGhost Superkill WTW Working 100%

Discussion in 'Cross Fire Downloads' started by johncarlz12, Oct 5, 2017.

  1. johncarlz12

    johncarlz12 Registered

    Download Link :

    Virus Scan: (This are from the old thread scans.)

    How to use:

    1:Use Extreme Injector.(Recommended)
    2:Injector settings below.
    3.Start Crossfire
    4:Wait for message to pop-up.
    5:Log-in and Enjoy.
    6:press Thanks

    Win7 -> Working
    Win8 -> Not Tested
    Win10 -> Not Tested

    F1 = WallHack
    F2 = SeeGhost
    F5 = SuperKill
    F10 = AlwaysHeadGold (Turn on before joining a game)
    Auto = NoBugDamage


    Last edited: Oct 14, 2017

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